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Website for when lakes are stocked, how many, type of fish (mostly rainbows) and what hatchery they are from, and the sizes too!

A lot of general fishing information here
Fishing reports by lake name, county and more options to search. I like the information re: lake size, and the topo maps!
Includes when fish are caught and what they were caught with. *Some information is old, -check the date the report was posted*.
I have yet to find a topo map of Kress lake, but recently in Tacoma at Sport-Co a fly fishing instructor (he used to fish the Kalama) said it was rather evenly bottom and mostly 12 feet deep, (nice to know). I still think I like that back (south east) corner is a good choice due to the inlet.
The concrete piers by the parking lot are nice for the times you want to be near your vehicle.
Another informational website about fishing. Lots of information about rods, reels, hook types, catch/release, cleaning, as well as fishing styles, like rivers, lakes, boat or bank fishing.

Fishing with two poles will not be allowed on the following lakes, ponds and reservoirs:

Oh yeah, The Discover Pass:
It is $30.00 a year.
Discover PassThis is required at most all parks in
Washington (since July 2011).
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Kress map