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I have been enjoying photography since 1983

Willow Grove

I purchased my first SLR camera in the fall of 1983. The camera body and lens was from Chinon, the lens being a fixed 50mm f1.9
My passion was scenic vistas of the mountains, rivers and close-up shots.
In less than a year I started doing wedding pictures. My first one included nearly 200 in attendance.
In short order I had nearly a dozen successful weddings completed.


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This is still a work in progress,
so stop by to see what's new.
I plan to add hiking pictures.


My Style:

There’s something about getting out in nature with the challenge of capturing some of the amazing beauty that you see. Perhaps it fits with my personality type –

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Our Property Pictures ...

Near Porter Washington in Grays Harbor county. We have 1.5 acres with the creek running along side.


My picture is published.

Photograph taken in 1997.
Brochure published 2005.